Atticus Fitch

To Kill A Mockingbird has to be my favorite book that I was told to read. Between race, judgment, morals, compassion, and family, there were so many obstacles to overcome for the Fitch family. Atticus was always my favorite character. Raising two children is never an easy task but he had help from his housekeeper. Something was always peculiar about Atticus. The one thing that always managed to get my attention is the fact that he let his kids call him but his first name. After many discussions with my sophomore English teacher, I found out why and this has stuck with me for years. Atticus seemed to believe in equality for all, never letting it depend on the race, gender, age, class, or authority of the person. This has followed me up through high school and I have entered college with this. I know if I were to intern now, I would be addressed as “Ms. Thomas”. What makes me better than anyone else though? My age? I mean, I lived over eighteen years but that doesn’t seem right to have a title to those younger than myself. And the same rule applies to those above me. They lived a few years longer than I have but have a mentality of someone younger. It could just be luck they lived to the age they’re at currently. I believe in equality and to say someone “owes” you something is stupid. We have all taken and we have all received. If we all treat each other with respect, we could knock down the barrier of “being above” and acting like we’re better than someone else. Of course, this post won’t reach everyone in the world. Even if it did, there are people that would disagree with my thoughts. But if you, the reader, could just think about this my job as the writer would be complete. That’s why I write, to make my readers ponder what I’ve presented to them.


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